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  • SoundCloud - Grey Circle


This magician has been DJ:ing all kinds of genres for almost 20 years at different parties and events in the Nordic countries. Just joined Psychedelic Gnosis Records and has so far released two tracks, we'll definitely hear some more from this sound wizard! 


Translating deep emotions into frequencies, the ones that takes us deeper and deeper the longer we listen to it, down as far as we can go. Creating paths into grounded presence, mixing and flirting of sounds that tickles our brains, ohhh this will be a special opening set folks, with a bouncy, groovy minimal psychedelic techno set ending with a live-set. He also comes with a big surprise, a Forest Star Anthem that has premier on the opening night! Inviting all of the forest creatures and energies to a true psychedelic vibe that will ground our existence into our you a chance entering dimensios of freedom and smiles, in the name of dance, welcoming you all to Forest Star. 

This year we invite him to also play on mainstage, focusing dark progg psychedelic and bouncy sounds together with his own tracks. Fasten your astro seatbelts, and may the sounds be with you!

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