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Started turning tables back in 2005 DJ:ing all kinds of Genres at different parties and nightclubs across Sweden. Evolved by time and found my true source in the forest. Now playing on many different psychedelic parties across our lands. ۞

Music to me is a source of emotion. It gets us deeper and deeper the longer we listen to it. Down as far as we can go, discovering and learning our emotions in synchronicity with other sources that tickles our brains...It's art, it's a beautiful language that can be expressed in many various ways and that's all about what my mixes and music are about. Creating different worlds for us to explore.

By listening with just your whole body we should be asking ourselves, what do you feel? Connect deeper with yourself and just be there, right in your center.

It’s on honor for me to open the festival at our preparty event on Thursday night. I played last time 2017 and it was just a dream come true. This festival is something else, the people, the spirit of the forest and our tribe, in symbiosis with life. This time we'll go on a psychedelic technoish journey we’ll mix heavy techno kicks, basses and percussions together with psychedelic trippy sounds to make the travelling even more comfortable. So, fasten your seatbelts and may the sounds be with you. Ayyyeee Ayyyeeee!