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A.k.a Sophia or Svess, started her dj journey on the London underground scene in 2014. A devoted dance floor lover since 2003 when she was introduced to psytrance for the first time. Over the years of dancing away every weekend her taste for what she really liked got more specific and she started to feel the urge to create her own dj sets and learn how to mix. After a few busy years of playing gigs locally and internationally she started feeling a new urge, to dig deeper into the world of production and to start the process of learning how to make her own tracks.  In 2017 she passionately started spending many long nights in her home studio and her new project ASKIAN was born. ASKIAN represents the sounds and vibe of the night that she is so drawn to. Otherworldly, mystic forest elements and strong groovy baselines. In December 2019 she released her first track ‘Abduction Junction’ on Digital Shamans Records and she is currently working on her debut EP.

I am so excited and looking forward to sharing my own music with you all at Forest Star Festival! Love, Sophia