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/ with Frida

Hi Beautys. I'm Frida Hjärtström and I'm walking the path of a Earthpriestess and Medicinwoman.

Through my work I combine our nordic traditions with the shamanic ways. My home is The Earth and it's here I find peace and can reconnect with myself again and again. I feel that we're all one. She is me and I'm her.


At Foreststar I will share a Cacaoceremonie with you for connecting togheter with the Earth and each other. Through this plantmedicin we connect deeper with our heart and soul. I will guide you to lett go of old energys and blockages in meditation. With Intuitive breath and movement you will feel new energy flow inside and around you. Everything is welcome. 

We meet in the Circle to be, see, hold and reconnect. 

Hope to see You there! 

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