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Childrens festival

Forest Star is not only a magical gathering with music and dance for grownups, we want the children to have an amazing experience. That is why we do our best to provide a good environment for them where they can feel welcome and free to play and express themselves. We have a forest playground, so the children can have their own space. This is the children's own Troll Forest, just opposite to the chill-out area and next to the healing area.
There will also be children-friendly activities arranged throughout the festival so that the children will enjoy the Forest Star experience as much as their parents.



Mitra hoop

Theater & circus

Geomitra is a research student from the star Sirius and has finally managed to get to planet earth through a very powerful geometry. She wants to know if the planet Earth has the same geometries as those on the star Sirius.  But how will she be able to get back home to Sirius?


new this year!

Fairy land
/ småfolkets glänta

Keep your eyes and all senses open, and you will find a magic little spot in the Uhrla forest. This is a beautiful and exciting place for our children to play and discover but also be a part of in a creative way.

- Be a part of the fairy land creation-

This is what you can do with your kids before you come to Forest Star this year:
Find all kind of natural materials like bark twigs, stones, wool, clay and build a fairy home. Paint it if you like and bring it to fairyland as a gift to all the little creatures in the forest. The fairies would love a tiny little home that you made with love. You can also make things for fairy land during the Festival. We will provide colors & craft materials ready to use - and then only imagination needs to be added. Forest Star Crew can't wait to see what we can build together for the very small ones in the forest.

for children & grownups

Laughing yoga

Come join the Laughing Yoga Workshop where both children and grown-ups can work out their belly muscles with laughing yoga teacher Sebastian. 

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