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children's festival

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Forest Star is not only a magical gathering with music and dance for grownups, we want the children to have an amazing experience. That is why we do our best to provide a good environment for them where they can feel welcome and free to play and express themselves. We have a forest playground, so the children can have their own space. This is the children's own Troll Forest, just opposite to the chill-out area and next to the healing area.


Children dance 

Welcome to the kids playground (in front of the chillout/Algiz glänta) on saturday morning. Ayni will play children music and invite all families to come and dance! This will be a fun and playful time for the children to enjoy.

Looking forward to bring joy to the kids!

Children's yoga

Ashira will be doing two sessions of yoga for children on the yoga floor and in the healing area.  See Workshops and program for more information.

InSpiriToru Color Workshop

In the open Color workshop, InSpiriToru providing colors, paper, and different kinds of painting tools. Here festival visitors can draw their intuitions and reintegrate visions or paint recreational.

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