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Connection a.k.a Bogdan Chmidt is a DJ, producer and event organizer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. After 18 years behind the decks and not far from 1000 gigs, he is one of the most well-established DJ's in the Swedish Psytrance scene. He is also well known as the brains behind the popular Psytrance events known as "Connected". Over the years he has performed at the biggest events in Sweden, in the biggest clubs/venues and shared stages with heaviest international acts like: Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Tristan, Avalon, Electric Universe, Mad Maxx, Stryker and Space Tribe to mention a few. Since 2014 he’s been playing as label DJ under the flag of United Beats Records, managed by Mad Maxx & Stryker. His music style is usually more about the rhythms rather than melodies, and the track selection is a balance between up-to-date UK Psytrance with funky basslines and prime-time Fullon with minimal amount of "cheese". When Connection is doing his thing behind the decks you will hear a playful mixing style with tight transitions back and forth between tracks and very few breaks. The tempo is usually between 145-150 bpm, but from time to time you can also hear him play other music genres like Nightpsy, Hi-Tech and even 1990's Euro-Trance. Regardless of the music style, Connection always delivers the peak energy blast to the dancefloor!


S t a y  C o n n e c t e d !