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c0smic c0nnecti0n

Members Malin and Hemo are forward-thinking performance DJs and producers. Hemo discovered dance music around the mid-90s when he was recording tapes from radio stations. He’s journey as a DJ started in the early 2000’s. Around the same time Malin got her first synthesizer and started to experiment with music. When Malin and Hemo met each other several years later, they knew immediately that they had found their better half. Their inspiration and influences got connected through love, and that was what lead them to create Cosmic Connection at the end of 2019.

Cosmic Connection is all about brainstorming on synthesizers, going deep into soundwaves and trying to tell a musical story that will take the audience on a transcendental journey. Cosmic Connection exclusively play vinyl and during their DJ performances the soundscape goes from deep, dark and melodic to driving and energetic sounds. Their main focus is techno and neotrance genres, but they also enjoy collecting and playing a wide variety of dance music records, such as: psy/goa trance, dub, roots reggae and electronica.

Cosmic Connection’s goal is to bring back a warm analog sound to the dancefloor that will connect your soul to the cosmos through pure sound waves. Their first EP Renaissance will be released on 18 April 2022.