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c0smic c0nnecti0n

Cosmic Connection is a Stockholm-based analog music project. Members Malin and Xemo are forward-thinking performance DJs who exclusively play vinyl. Their focus is on techno and neotrance genres, but they also enjoy collecting and playing a wide variety of dance music records, such as: psy/goa trance, dub, roots reggae, and electronica. 

Malin and Xemo are a married couple that share the same love for deep, dark melodic sounds. Xemo’s musical journey as a DJ started in the early 2000s. Then he met Malin. Their inspiration and influences are connected by love, and that’s what lead Malin to join Xemo on the same musical path which created Cosmic Connection in late 2019.  

During their sets, the soundscape goes from energetic, deep, and melodic to atmospheric minimal sounds. Their music offers a rare intensity and nuanced musicality. Their audiophiliac interest has lead them to achieve the best sound quality possible, to provide that which was missing on the dancefloor these days. 

Cosmic Connection’s goal is to bring back a warm analog sound to the dancefloor that will connect your soul to the cosmos through pure sound waves.