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dj anneli

Anneli has been a professional DJ since 1998 and has performed at more than 1200 gigs in 26 countries on all continents, so far. Including most major psychedelic trance festivals, such BOOM, Universo Paralello, Fusion, Airbeat One, Voov, Antaris, Indian Spirit and Nature One. As well as Swedish Emmabodafestivalen, Arvikafestivalen and legendary Monday Bar Cruises.


She won the award for Best Female Trance DJ 2018 and Best Trance DJ 2019 (both female/male category) at Elly Awards in Stockholm. 


Her music style cannot be easily clustered into just one type of music as she is showing off a variety of skills, mixing different styles of either psytrance or techno in one set (sometimes both in one set) and passion for surprising details.

In the early years ACID-TECHNO was the main style, then came a switch to PSYTRANCE which has been Anneli's main style over the years. In 2006 minimal techno was added and nowadays Anneli is booked for playing minimal or DARK TECHNO at 1/3 of the gigs, the rest is psytrance!


In 2014 Anneli met Simon and Janiv from Swiss Psy-/progressive trance project "Silent Sphere" and the collaboration idea was born after intense talk about music. Anneli herself had for 15 years "only" been a DJ, without any interest in producing own stuff, but this meeting changed her opinion. 


Anneli visited Silent Sphere's studio in Switzerland, combining her wicked knowledge of tracks and year-long experience with Silent Sphere's ability to design sounds and talent to translate her musical desires into vibrant tracks.


After several meetings in the studio the EP "Better or Worse", with two energy-loaded tracks, was released on Nutek America in July 2017 reaching 6th place in the Beatport Top 100 Psytrance Chart within the first week. The title track has got astonishing 300 000 streams on Spotify and after this huge success the inspiration has resulted in more joint tracks, which will be ready for release soon!