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dj mazi

DJ MaZi has had a lifelong passion for music and has collected numerous instruments, even though he admits he cannot play them proficiently but…

 …in 2017, he founded Circle Flow, a series of ecstatic dance nights in Gothenburg, which gained great popularity. After being the facilitator of the events for a while he decided to take on the challenge of performing the music himself, which led him to play at various events around Gothenburg.


DJ MaZi's music taste is eclectic, with a particular liking for Organic Techno as the foundation for his set build-up. He creates an immersive experience for his audience, taking them on a journey from low to high, dark to light, and slow to fast. His music collection includes danceable tracks from various genres, chosen purely from his heart's intuition. If a song moves him, it deserves a spot in his playlist.

So if you're looking for a memorable dance journey, DJ MaZi invites you to join him on the dance floor.
Prepare to let loose and dance to the beat, allowing the music to flow through your body and guide your feet.

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