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Ectima is a progressive tech trance project created by Dalibor Delic (aka Flegma) and Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce), project created by founders of TesseracTstudio. This unique style can be described as constant sound-shifting, dynamic breaks and changes of rhythmic patterns. The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2004... Soon after first album "NO WAY OUT" was released for Geomagnetic TV from USA, Ectima explode and started to spread all around the world. Following the success of the first album, duo released two more studio albums, "Ground Defense" as a debut CD on TesseracTstudio records, and "Clash Of The Civilizations ". Fourth studio album is on the way, duo is working on very special, unique, underground sound for our new album, for which we were inspired by travelling and playing some of the major festivals around the globe such as, Boom, Ozora, Unverso Parallelo, Vortex...

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