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Beorn is the relatively new side project from Diffus where he explores another side of his musical creativity.

The sound is a blend of organic house and melodic techno, but just like with his other projects, the boundaries between genres are blurred. Nothing is off limits. Some major influences include, to name a few, Be Svendsen, Boris Brejcha, and Shpongle.

"I strive to create a sonic world that is as diverse as it is hypnotic. The Beorn project came about when I became interested in analog synthesizers and drum machines a few years ago, to diversify myself and move away from the somewhat rigid thinking of producing on a computer. But to make psytrance completely analog, I need more arms and more synthesizers, so the BPM was lowered and creativity was heightened. At first, it was pure experimentation to learn my machines, but over time, it evolved into complete songs. During my first official live performance with Beorn, now at Foreststar, I will invite the audience on a musical journey that I hope will captivate and inspire. So that together, we can explore the boundless frontiers of electronic music."

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