welc0me t0 f0rest star festival


As the light reaches its peak in the northern hemisphere, the northern tribe gathers to celebrate its source of light. The Norse tradition have always found summer solstice to be one of the most important celebration of the yearly cycle, and for us it is important to recognize and honor this heritage.The festival altogether celebrate this ancient ritual of brightness deep within the enchanted Urla forest. In unity we embrace the light with dance, ceremonies, laughter, joy and compassion and experiencing all the meaningful encounters, sister and brotherhood. 


Forest Star Festival taking place south of Sweden in a beautiful forest surrounded by tiny creeks full of magic. This forest has a lot to share, it’s a powerful place with deep roots and unlimited heights. Forest Star have always been and still are Sweden’s most beautiful forest gathering of free singing souls. With our unique Norse expression since ten years, the love loving lovingly vibe, the great artists, performers, creators and space holders, we offer a vibe suitable for the whole family. We offer a wide selection of music, food, market, workshops, yoga, lectures and meditation, all wrapped up in a mind and soul bending form for your heart and consciousness to stretch. Your options are many, and our mission is to offer you a space so vibrant and alive, that you can't resist to fully experience life, to live fully and free for a moment, through the transcending experience. 10 amazing years have passed since our first edition, and for this years celebration we have something very special coming. 

You will meet the three Norns, Urd, Verdandi and Skuld which represent fate, creation and universal dept. 

Midsummer Celebration ღ (Summer Solstice) At this time the sun is shining the longest.  that’s when you see the fairy’s dancing in the mist, with flowers in their hair singing songs about love and growth. We celebrate Sunna the Sun, returned to shine her light over us, over the earth. She is the goddess "Asynja" that drove the sun-wagon over the sky. She is sending the healing light of courage and self-love over us. She helps us to remember to take our place in the universe and that we all have a place here and now & In the Old Norse tradition we celebrated the female and male energy, this energy was represented by Freja and Frej, goddess and god. We all have this in us it’s all about Love, growth, life and Balance! We dress the midsummer pole with flowers and dancing around it to celebrate life!! The pole is not only a phallus symbol it is also representing the womb and this two are symbols for male and female energy! Let the power of this fill you with self-love, love to others, love to the universe! 

We would love to see your free spirit and smile in the forest this year!