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ceremonies & celebrations

At Forest Star festival we celebrate summer solstice and honor the old nordic ways. We dress the midsummer pole with flowers and dance around it to celebrate life. Every year the Uhrla women will hold ceremony.

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Uhrla women ceremony 2023

Freya. She has always been there, in many shapes and forms. As long as we can remember. 

Before we got Christianized, before Odin sacrificed his eye, she was there and she was;
The All Mother, the All seeing.

She is Freya 

It is time to spread Freyas great great wisdom!

Freyas medicine.

Prayer to Freya
Freya, o Vanadis

You, who are spirited with the animals

Nature is your temple

You, who wield the power of the warrioress

You, our great guarding mother

You, who dance with death

Ruler of life

May we all share in your strength

and let us all unite in Folkvagn

Allt är Ett - Ett är allt - Uhrla Women


Elisabeth Johansson:
Midsummer Folksinger

During the midsummer celebration Elisabeth Johansson will sing traditional Swedish folksongs while we dance around the midsummer pole. She is a local folksinger and teacher, who has made a huge impact on the community by her kind heart and wisdom. For many people she is a hero.
Elisabeth has been singing at Forest Star Festival since the beginning and we are so grateful to have her!

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