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This is the healing area of Forest Star. We Love to create this space for you in this beautiful forest of UHRLA. This space is for you to ground yourself and come home to your body and soul, here you can always take a moment and lay down in the grass, let the goddess Sunna (the sun) kiss you with her healing ray of light and let the love songs from the birds open up your heart. You are welcome to take a walk in the Trojaborg (the healing areas labyrinth) and see where the journey in the Trojaborg leads you, maybe a journey into your true self. In the night you can gather around the fire with new and old friends, let the fire warm you and cleanse you from the things that no longer serves you.

Lina and Jonatan are the organizers and space holders of Kraftkällan. If you have any questions about the healing area, workshops or if you want to talk about the mystery of life, feel free to come and talk to them.

Some of our workshops are held at the Yoga floor. You will find information for time and space under program on this website.

Forest Star Festival

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