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Hello my name is Sebastian. I´m 35 years old and have been going to psytrance parties for 15 years now and I think a lot of you have seen me on a dancefloor or 2 through the years. Usually you find me spreading good vibes on the dancefloor where I dance like nobody's watching, enjoying the freedom only movement can make. This year I will also have a workshop with laughing yoga. What is that you may ask? 

Laughing yoga, also known as laughter yoga, involves a series of movement and breathing exercises to promote deliberate laughter.

It’s used as a remedy for physical, psychological, and spiritual ailments, as advocates believe that intentional (simulated) laughter can provide benefits equal to those of spontaneous laughter (e.g., laughing at a joke).


Though laughing therapy has been used for decades, laughing yoga was discovered by Dr. Madan Kataria, a family physician in Mumbai, India, in 1995.


Dr. Kataria claims that laughing yoga will help lift your mood, reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, increase energy levels, improve your quality of life, and help you better manage hardship.


On top of that it is also extremely funny, as we all know a good laugh prolongs your life. Hope to see you in the workshop! Best regards

This workshop is both for grownups and children.

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