leah zador

Inspired by the nomadic life, sin cities, cave dwellers and the rejects of society. Embracing debauchery and unconventional lifestyles with a sound to dance, experiment, revolt, revel and rebel with. She combines the flirtful soul of provocative lyrics and sound with playful rhythms of gypsy beats and instruments. Born in Sweden and raised in Queensland, Australia, Leah started writing songs with her sister at 10.
After leaving home at 18 to join the vagabonds of the world, she picked up a guitar and supported her travels through busking. In the 5 years she has travelled Europe, Asia, Africa, America and now back to Australia sharing her songs with the pedestrians of the pathways.
Sleeping on the streets, hitch hiking and busking has allowed her to experience the corners of the hardships of life as well as the kindness of the hearts of humanity. Her lyrics are the journal of her life and an ideology of an existence outside of the normal nine to five.

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