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logic bomb

In the mid 90s Sweden was introduced to a new type of dance music that was brought back from Goa, India by a group of friends. Parties were held in the forests during summer and attracted a new crowd, enthusiastic for these new sounds. Among this crowd two freshly graduated computer engineers got severely stung with fascination for
the new sounds. Jonas Pettersson and Johan Krafft started producing music under the name Logic Bomb in 1998. They released their first album "Headware", produced together with Jonas Bergvall, on Spiral Trax in the year of 2000. Their second album "Unlimited" was released on English label TIP World in 2002. After a three year period of silence a new long-player, "Sonic Algebra" was produced and the Logic-duo went back on the road again in 2006. Sonic Algebra was released on the highly acclaimed Japanese label Solstice Music International.
Now, after a three year period of hectic touring things are stirring in the Logic Bomb-lab again. The working with the fourth album are now in full progress and will be released sometime 2010. So get ready to be blasted yet again by the Swedish boys...

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