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Rhythm is the Soul of Life, once Babatunde Olatunji the great Nigerian drummer said. Without rhythm life processes can not organise itselfs, so naturally every organic process in life has its own rhythm. This organising force, rhythm, is the most perceptible and the least material thing we know and in its many forms, together with dancing are the most rhythmic phenomenons. When the drummer plays a rhythmic pattern on the drums and the dancers respond, they give the rhythms visible and physical forms and together they create an organic dialogue between movements and sounds. The dancers become the rhythmic interpretations of the aesthetic appreciations of Life (Celebration).

"The body is a powerful site of meaning. To awaken the dance insights
within-the communicative potential which lies in the release and cele-
bration of the body-soul connection – there lies the link between dance
and philosophy; movement and meaning." (R. Laban)

Dancing has the capacity to bring one's body, mind and soul in tune (homeostasis). Dance is a movement of the body and mind where the energy can flow joyfully and they can melt into each other (bodymind). In social context this phenomena is not just a purely aesthetic manifestation, but also it brings its faithful participants into communion, more intimately, to the rhythm of the community which dances, of the World which plays and dances together.

The shamanic night is a journey through a tribal musical experience. The expression of natural & instrumental psychedelic trance music is mixed with Traditional West-African rhythmes and Afro/Chill-out tracks.

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