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mama gaia

Mama Gaia is an accomplished psytrance DJ and producer from Stockholm who has made a name for herself with her souldful and dynamic sets. She started her musical journey in 2005 and has played all over the globe since. With a focus on progressive trance and psychedelic music, Mama Gaia creates an immersive experience for her audiences that is both hypnotic and invigorating. Her passion for music and her technical skill behind the decks come together to create a sound that is both cuttin-edge and timeless. Her intricate soundscapes are characterized by powerful basslines, soaring melodies, and driving energy. Whether she's playing for a packed club or a festival crowd, Mama Gaia knows how to get the party going and kee the energy flowing. With her unique style and her undeniable talent, Mama Gaia is a must-see act for anyone who loves progressive psytrance and wants to be transported to another world.

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