maria baref00t

In the forests and in the mountains I know what I am. My soul has always been closely connected to the earth as I grew up in the forest, far away from the noise and electric light of the city. Trough music I found the language to explain all the mystery’s of life. It became my way of speaking the words of my heart. I started making music a few years ago, but this time around, I will do a vinyl DJ-set. To play vinyl in the deep forest is one of the most beautiful things I know. All the wonderful dancing trolls and elves makes my belly tickle. The music I choose to play is often repetitive and hypnotic, at times melodic. I feel that vinyl takes me closer to the sounds, and it almost allows me to touch the music with my hands. Sometimes I add vocals as I play. See you on the moss floor!

  • SoundCloud - Grey Circle