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/ with Jonna & Fredrik

Jonna Ekman runs Yogini yoga studio in Alvik. Jonna has & wants to convey a holistic and permissive
way of living life. Yoga has been her companion for 22 years in cultivating self-love and bringing out the
inner strength we all have, but perhaps it is hidden from our consciousness. She is driven by the motto of
yoga: it all starts with you loving yourself. As a playful & empathetic yogini, she likes to use yoga,
meditation, reiki & massage in her work. Privately, she loves all forms of free movement, preferably to
nice music. Jonna provides various forms of body treatments, and during Forest Star she will be
available for Aroma massage for back and / or legs / feet or Reiki healing.
Fredrik Turin runs Falan Yogastudio in Falköping, and has a love for yoga as a playful and physical tool
for discovering his body's strength and agility! With a background from theater and drama pedagogy and
with play, joy and curiosity as a pedagogical tools, Fredrik likes to explore different expressions of our
inner power in yoga! Fredrik has also for many years been involved as an organizer and DJ, at several
festivals and events. Massage is another passion and Fredrik will under Forest Star offer Energy
Massage and Aroma Massage.
Our massage treatments during the Forest Star Festival
Our massaging treatments aim to give you a calm and relaxing moment for body and soul.
Foot massage with (Herb) Foot bath (sitting massage) A fragrant foot bath with dried herbs and essential
oils and a refreshing and circulation-increasing massage that massages and stimulates a number of
points and centers on your feet. These points are connected to other parts of your body and thus
increase your overall well-being. The basic principle can be compared to that found in acupuncture and
Energy massage (sitting massage) This massage is given with light and slightly faster grips on the head,
neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. The massage aims to create a balance between the energy
flows in the body. It can have both a relaxing and invigorating effect. This is a massage form that is
suitable for everyone and it is given with the clothes on. Energy massage is also called "the sitting
massage" or "Japanese massage". With pressure, shaking and various grips, puncture points are
stimulated along the body's meridians (energy channels), mainly on the back and arms.
Reiki treatment (lying treatment) A soft, peaceful and relaxing treatment where the therapist puts his
hands on different parts of the body to increase the energy flow. The body responds by secreting
hormones for well-being, relaxation and pain relief, which contributes to the body's self-healing ability.
The treatment works on both the physical and spiritual level and replenishes with energy. You increase
your body awareness and the feeling of being here and now. You are fully clothed on a bench during the
Aroma massage (sitting / lying massage) A lovely sensuous massage, with essential and vegetable oils
of high quality adapted to your needs. The massage is rhythmic, calm and deeply relaxing. The scents of
the essential oils also have an effect via the sense of smell while receiving massage.