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”Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is what you are.” 

-chinese proverb


Jonatan is a dancing student of the pristine tantric Nath tradition and the roots of tantra, carrying the northern five elemental wisdom.

He is a certified natures therapist, attachment and trauma informed treatment pedagouge and Motivational Interviewer, with an inexhaustible love for intimacy, tantric energy work, dance, mens work, meditation and inner child work.

Your direct experience is the only thing Jonatan is concerned about, and through forms and fierce love he shares out of his own experience, pointing you towards your effortless nature of beingness.

Jonatan is also the founder of his project Grönkraft, at the moment focusing strictly on mens gatherings.


On friday morning you are invited to join Jonatan for an explorative inner journey on the topic of stillness. In this laid back meditative session you are offered the perfect start for the festival, a chance to set your intention and discover what silence and transcendence actually are.

During this session we will flow between oral guidance and resting in silence, and you are offered two meditative techniques:


Slowmatic Flow - Meditation in movement, connecting consciousness, mind and body and rooting ourselves before moving in to sitting meditation.


Three Portals to Stillness — stillness meditation sprung from the Tibetan Bôn tradition, where three inner portals of vast spacelike stillness will be open for you to explore and enter.

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