"Molekyl” began his dj carrier over 20 years ago when he started playing events at school and at a age of 12 attended a dj course.  He kept on playing events at school for years until he started to get into the world of dj:ing with vinyl records. Eventually he fell in love with electronic music as a teenager. That love made him travel the world intensively in search of the perfect festival or party. He was early inspired to get more involved in the psy trance scene by producing music and playing at festivals, clubs and parties which his been doing for well over a decade now as well as both dj:ing for and being a part of, the groundbreaking ”Genesis Project” organizers in Gothenburg and lately his own music productions has gotten international attention when Nano Records legendary live act Tristan started playing his music and even opening his sets with it, all over the world! It’s been a few years since Molekyls lasts appearance at Forest star festival so he’s really excited to come back and contribute to this amazing gathering!