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My name is Murat Sener, I'm a musician, producer and dj. I am born and raised in Turkey. My music journey started in Istanbul as a bassist and singer in the middle of the 90s, kurdish turkish folk rock, reggae and rap. After 2000 I started recording my own songs under Muroomix and my band Gundians' songs too. In 2007 I had my first psychedelic festival experience. Then I started to use electronic tunes, I mix organic tunes with  Psychill, dub, ambient tunes. 2015 I shared stage with Kukan Dub Lagan, KalyaScintilla, Kaya Project, Saduaya… at Neon Festival in Turkey. Music is a mantra for me… since 2017 I used the name Mumantra at festivals. I like to mix Psydub, psychill, psyambient, dub, bass, glitch tunes with organic tunes. I played at Agartha Festival (Turkey), Tree of Life (Greece), Mandala gathering (Sweden), Spirit of jungle (Sweden), Mystical Vibes Project (Sweden) and varied parties around in Sweden.