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Ofrenda ceremony
/with Omar Romero & Jelena Mitra

Offering and paying back ceremony to mother earth. 

We have done offerings to the earth, the elements, places of power and magic  since the existence of humans all around the globe.

The Ofrenda that Omar Romero & Jelena Mitra will share is still done today by many indigenous communities around South America. 

Omar is a medicine man from Colombia and Jelena medicine woman, artist and performer. They have taken on the task of being guardians of Mother Earth and sharing transformative ceremonies to inspire humanity to come home to our big moder. 

This Ofrenda is to nutrient our earth, create harmony, balance within ourselves and the world. It's a ceremony and a workshop where you will get a recipe on how to easy do this work yourself.

Many of us believe that Mother Earth gives us unconditionally without asking anything back.

This is not true. She is a living being and loves when we see, speak, honor and give back to her as she is giving to us. Gratitude is really the key to happiness and Ofrenda is a very beautiful ritual for this. 

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