Psynderella & IN0

Psynderella (formerly known as khatnip) is a Swedish Djane based in Gothenburg. Her psytrance journey began in a early stage after she saw Infected Mushroom 16 years old in 2007 but it wasn’t until 2013 psytrance really started to make an impact on her and her life when she began to organize smaller events and that’s when she started her journey as a DJ. She only played at smaller private events for close friends and it wasn’t until 2015 she did her first real debut and joined her first label one year after that. Nowadays she mostly plays night and twilight infused music and her signum are groovy tunes with heavy bass-lines.

As a 15-year-old, IN0 (Dave) became interested in DJing and has been passionate ever since. His Psytrance journey started off when he first discovered the song Rounders from the album Emergency Broadcast
System, by GMS back in 2009. During the last seven years, he has played at several underground parties. Additionally, he has performed in several clubs in Gothenburg under other DJ aliases, playing techno and house.The most accurate way to describe IN0's taste in music is the funky line between Twilight and Forest Psytrance, balancing
groovy rhythms with intense energy and mind-tickling melodies.