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rules & guidelines

dear guests

As many of you know, this festival takes place in Uhrla forest. Nature and togetherness are part of the basic concepts of this festival. We think it is a blessing to be able to create and share this amazing experience in this beautiful forest, but for that to be possible we all need to collaborate and take care of this gift. Take care of ourselves and each other as brothers and sisters, open our hearts and stand in our own power. The love, the music and the unity of the people is what this festival is about. So please show gratitude to nature and the surroundings.

NO Illegal substances
NO Glas

NO Campfires or fires of any kind

NO Nitrous oxide

NO Negative Vibes

NO Dogs or animals of any kind

NO Motor Bikes or Quad Bikes

NO Couches / Lounge Chairs

NO Generators

NO Commercial signage or advertising

NO Fireworks or flares

NO Handheld lasers

NO Excessive Amounts of Alcohol

NO Weapons of any kind


At the entrance you may need to provide identification, OBS! Everyone under 18 must have a parent that is responsible for them during the festival.


We provide and organise recycling bins and a recycling station, so please make sure you recycle. All the rubbish you can’t recycle needs to be taken back home!


We welcome and care about all children. That’s why don’t tolerate children at the main stage area after 9 pm. Children must wear ear protection at all times throughout the festival, especially at main stage. We do our best to provide a safe environment but we don’t take any responsibility for your children’s safety. Please take good care of them.


We don''t allow any kind of glass items on festival site, for everyone safety (people, animals, nature).

drug policy

According to the Swedish law you are not allowed to possess narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. We encourage all visitors to take it seriously, so we can all enjoy our beautiful festival.


We do NOT allow any fires anywhere on the festival site! Please respect that! There is going to be 2 fires on site, one at the Chill out and one at the Main stage. Forest star crew will look after them all times. So please DO NOT put any firewood in the fire except if the fire start to run out.


It is forbidden to carry out any Commercial or advertising activities without a written permission from the organizers.

Sound and Film recording will only be produced of the event. You are allowed to take photos, but commercial media publications can only be made with the agreement of the Organizer.

cigarette butts

We are doing our best to provide ash trays, so whatever you do don’t put them on the ground, take your time and find a bin/ashtray.

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