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- I remember, it was several years back maybe in 2012, Martin Vice (Iboga) told me “You can never change your DJ name, then you’re fucked man! You are stuck with Terpsichore!” 

But I had to. Or at least add another one. 

Meet SALTA; I play simply because I must. Because in that moment, right in between the frequencies in the mix, I cease to exist and become what I should be, just present.  

I don’t play because I can, because I have to. That’s how I make sense of the world. I breathe in bars of four, and walk this earth in steps of eights.  

It’s all in the details. Do you feel how it all synchronises? ‘Close Your Eyes; Concentrate’ and see it in everything around you. And that, my friends, is spelled Hypnotic Techno, Bitches!

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