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sun anga

Stefano Sgarbi (aka Sun Anga) is a producer, musician and workshop
leader. After many adventures with music, he decided to specialise in
electronic music and sound-art in 2011. He then graduated from the
Institute of Sonology (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, NL) in
2017. Influenced by the psychedelic cultural scene, Sun Anga was born
from a research of groovy rhythms, dreamy soundscapes, uplifting
progressions and a balance of psychedelic, organic and trance
He has been releasing EPs, albums and singles on various labels (such
as Electrik Dream, Melusine Rec, Sweet Dream Rec and Mystic
Sounds) and he is an enthusiastic member of the Anthropos Festival
Stefano is very active in festivals and events around the world since
2012. He played and gave workshops in various events and festivals
such as Mo:Dem, Samsara, Psy-Fi, Anthropos, Shankra, WAO,
7Chakras, ZNA Gathering, Forest Star, Mystic Mountain, Summer
Never Ends, Wonderland, and more.