Uhrla tribe

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As Ice and Fire collides this world and life is created, over and over again. Every moment and every breath, vitalized and energized by Audhumblas nectar of life. Whitin it, the Norns are spinning the weave of fate, infused with the past, the present and the future. Every thread cocreating and holding this moment together as our unique experience of the moment. In this creative flow of life, the fabric of reality, we all exist.

We, the earth and sky dancers, the trees of life, know we have the ability to create colourful and beautiful patterns in this weave, and with this knowledge the tribe of Uhrla was born. Under the moon, shadowed by the sky sailing raven, while the wood released the trapped sunrays in the fire, we planted the conscious seed of Forest Star in our souls. With the guidance and support of the spirit of Uhrla, the keeper of the forest here, our vision was crystalized in to a shining blueprint filled with gems of music, dancing, joy, togetherness, freedom and realness. A blueprint of a transcendent gathering in the green womb of mother earth, where bare feets and naked souls are painting the ground with love, presence and sweat.

Where ancient tribal ceremonies of the north comes to life again. 

Where the medicine of the nature may heal us again.

Where we reclaim our true selfs, our freedom and right to be fully alive. 

Where summer solstice is becoming sacred again. 


This vision, this blueprint, this festival, is our conscious offering to the weave of fate. 

It is our offering of crystals and sage, of ornaments and seed, for the Norns to weave in to the fate of us all.