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VERDE is a hybrid-electronic music project from Oslo, featuring the duo - consisting of Henrii Havaas and Daniel Wien. Verde is the Norwegian term of "venerate". They are venerating the power of music, holding spaces of deep healing through the medicine of sounds and movement. In 2019 they shared their first Hybrid-performance together at Andra Världen Festival, where they used a Mongolian yurt to create an ambient space and share their musical landscape during the complete festival time. Daniel and Henrii love to experiment through different genres and bmp. You can expect fields of downtempo music, but also moods of electro/techno intended dance-floors in their sets. The hybrid show, including analog modular instruments combined with a DJ setup, opens their gates to take you on a musical journey of their own. Leading you from distinctive ambient and mystical organic sound to both deep and lighter hypnotic landscape, transcending into an experience of ceremony. Signature sound of story driven and impulsive sounds and inspired, new patterns of electronic music. Verde is balancing feminine and masculine energies throughout their set, bringing the audience into something magical.