Vict0r n0rman

Born in Stockholm in 1976 Victor picked up music at an early age, starting with the Piano and then the guitar. But it wasnt until his late twenties that he bought his first record players and started mixing songs together. At first his focus was on bass driven genres like Drum n Bass and Dubstep but after seeing these genres becoming more and more dumbed down and commercialized he gradually moved over to underground styles of Tech House, Deep House and Techno. As a part of this musical migration he also started producing his own music. The first breakthrough, and a firm grounding within the newborn Slow House styles, came with the release of the Morgonvisa EP on Akumandra, also followed by a mix showcasing his style on the same label. Since then he has released on Amselcom, CasaCaos, Heimlich, Urban Cosmonaut, Making you Dance, Pipe and Pochet, to name a few.

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