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/ with Arnfridur

Hey Forest Stars
I'm grateful for the opportunity to guide you in the arts of yoga on this beautiful gathering. 


Saturday morning I will share one Free Flow Yoga Class.. its a dynamic flow with inspiration from the kundalini and hatha yoga tradition.. we will use our breath and movement to ground and activate our body consciousness with a focus of opening our hearts and minds to more limitless possibilities with a aim to activate a inner state of joy.

On Sunday we will land into a yin yoga class.. where we deepen our journey into our selves.. stretching the connective tissue and releasing that what might be blocking our natural life force flow... in the yin practice we hold the poses longer and we surrender into the now moment accepting and staying with what ever will arise.. it’s a meditative practice where we get to hold space for our selves.

All the work we do on the yoga-mat will benefit our overall existence. The fruits we harvest in the practice are ready to be enjoyed as we encounter life.



With Love Arnfridur