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/ with Rickard

My name is Rickard, and I am committed to a lifelong journey of understanding the mind, body, soul, and the universe through the principles of Daoism, Chinese medicine, and various internal arts. I would like to share a piece with you, if I may.

During this limited time given to me by the Forest Star Crew to discuss my heartfelt topic of internal arts and Chinese medicine, I will present a method for gaining awareness of your energetic structure and how to allow it to flow through your body from top to bottom. I will explain how it works and its benefits. Please note that this process often requires cultivation and practice to fully comprehend. However, it is a crucial aspect if you wish to embark on the journey of learning Tai Chi or other internal arts, as well as for attaining health benefits.

The sinking process enables you to become aware of any blockages within your body and to  allowing the energy to descend downwards. Recognizing these blockages is essential, as it empowers you to take action to address them. Once you have mastered this process, you can expand your practice to outer dissolving, clearing specific blockages and points

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