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I feel honored to be one of the spaceholders at Forest Star Festival and to guide you through two Yoga classes during this epic midsummer celebration!


I am educated within the Hatha/Vinyasa tradition so my classes have emphasis on synchronizing breath and physical movement, to inspire a meditation in motion that helps to harmonize the relationship between our inner and outer world as well as the natural rhythms of the body and mind. This in turn allows and supports inner stillness and a deeper absorption of awareness. I aim to hold authentic classes where you get a chance to tap into your body's wisdom and intuition, explore your depths and find your own practice from within.


On Friday I will offer a calmer class to give us space and time to properly ground and land in ourselves and at the festival and also to open up for experiences and meetings that are meant for us during the weekend.

On Saturday we will take a yoga journey through the 5 elements, the Pancha Mahabhutas. 

Earth/Prithvi, Water/Jala, Fire/Agni, Air/Vayu and Ether or space/Akasha.

We will explore each element both within us and in nature to deepen our understanding about the essence of these building blocks of creation and how that understanding can help us redirect ourselves towards balance and inner joy.

With warmth and Love