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/ with Sofia

A common understanding of yoga derives from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" - which can  be roughly translated to "Union". The union of breath and movement, the body and the soul, the lower and higher self, and so on. However, just as this understanding of the individual's journey towards 'enlightenment' is one aspect of yoga. I believe there is much more to it than just something that is mainly  benefitting the individual. This individualistic perspective has been greatly adopted by neo-liberal and capitalistic forces as yoga has become part of the global economy. The yoga clothing brands, jewelry and retreats are endless, and they all sum up into individuals consuming their way to a yogic lifestyle. 

This way of practicing and understanding yoga is what I want to move away from, from the individual perspective to the greater good for all.  I am deeply dedicated to teach in such a way that what is strengthened is not only one person, but the  individual's connection with the community, with the world itself and the whole universe. This is the yogic path we need to aim for, in a world of injustice, exploitation of mother nature, war and famine.


When practicing yoga with me we aim to move beyond superficialities and hierarchies. Instead we dive deep into our tissues and all our layers – physical, emotional and spiritual. The union we are searching for is the union with our true nature and our connection with the world. We flow, we breathe and we connect –With ourselves and all that is living and all that is dead. 


Welcome to this healing journey. 

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