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the festival

As the light reaches its peak in the northern hemisphere, the northern tribe gathers to celebrate its source of light. The Norse tradition have always found summer solstice to be one of the most important celebrations of the yearly cycle, and for us it is important to recognize and honor this heritage. The festival celebrate this ancient ritual of brightness and in unity we embrace the light with dance, ceremonies, laughter, joy and compassion and experience all the meaningful encounters.


Forest Star Festival takes place south of Sweden in a beautiful forest with mossy boulders, creeks and a rich flora and fauna. The forest has a lot to share, it’s a powerful place with deep roots and old spirits. From this space the vision of Forest Star was created - to honor the old ways, to protect the forest & to let people gather here to learn, teach and connect.

We would love to meet your spirit in the forest this year!

uhrla women

Uhrla women, a circle of strong and loving sisterhood. We have wandered in the forest of Uhrla since the beginning.

We always knew that we can travel through time and space to engage with our inner wild woman. To meet with ancestors, the keepers of the land and its story. Here we find wisdom and healing. It is our mission to connect with nature and share this wisdom. 

Through performative ceremonies we tell stories from ancient times and stories that come through us Uhrla Women, and we wish to take you with us, with that bare wisdom and knowledge on a healing level.

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