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Spanish-born Alonso started his own legacy in the underground
throwing open air parties in the forests of Gothenburg, cultivating his musical inheritance filled with groovy beats with his passion for minimal music. He is the founder of the club and musical collective The Living Room, which aims to contribute to the vibrant minimal scene in
Gothenburg, where the ambition is to explore the connections between humans and music. You might have seen him play at clubs such as BLOCK8, Technovember, AM/PM, Lost in the Woods, Playing Favorites
and Revel, just to name a few. Alonso believes that a groovy kick drum & pulsating bass lines and soul-stirring stabs is the recipe for an enthralling dance floor. This time he move towards a more organic vibe, where
you may experience the bliss of grooving to his beats.

  • SoundCloud - Grey Circle
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