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We welcome Cedric, where vibrant beats and captivating melodies come together to create an unforgettable music experience. With a deep passion for psytrance full-on, Cedric has been captivating dance floors since 2015.

Having performed at popular venues across the country, Cedric brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every event. Known for skillfully blending powerful basslines and infectious rhythms, Cedric's sets take the audience on a mesmerizing musical journey.

The real magic lies in Cedric's ability to create an electrifying atmosphere, igniting an infectious energy among the crowd. With a natural talent for sensing the vibe,Cedric seamlessly adjusts the music to uplift spirits and set the dance floor on fire.

One of the most anticipated events is Cedric's upcoming performance at Foresstar, where music enthusiasts eagerly await a night of transcendent psytrance unrestricted dancing. Get ready to be enchanted as Cedric takes you on a adventure, weaving together moments of euphoria and unity.

Join us and dive into the world of psytrance full-on, where the power of music transcends boundaries and creates everlasting memories with Cedric.

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