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Swedish Psytrance Live Act - ENERGETiCA is a psytrance duo by: Rickard Svensson and Lovisa Sisak. The music is a pure mix between old school GOA and new and pumpy psytrance beats mixed with a Forrest-dark but positive energy sounds. The three genres mix perfectly to create something really exciting in the psytrance scene today. Rickard with his background in old Goa and Trance music since the mid 90s and Lovisa with her new modern darker vibes from Forrest and Psytech.


The two artists have their own music careers and have both been producing and DJing for many years, but after they met at a friends dinner party in 2019 and love struck them both they also decided to create music together. Their energy is something you really can feel when these two soulmates create their unique and uplifting sound and perform live on stage. Hence the name ENERGETiCA. Before Lovisa and Rickard actually first met at that dinner party they where both happy singles and had no intention what so ever to get engaged in a relationship. But the energy that these two had between them just after their first date is that type of energy that everyone around them can feel. Actually that is why they have taken the name ENERGETiCA, because all their friends and family talked about the energy these two had between them and everyone in the same room got affected by it. Now they managed to put it down into their own music so now everyone can feel this amazing energy.