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Since 7 years back, Jonatan Thorvald’s been part of the Uhrla Tribe, organizing Swedens most delicious psychedelic music experiences: Forest Star. Jonatan is a multicreative being and a deep diver of connection with nature and Awareness, who consider music being dynamic art and dancing being a bridge to freedom and our true expression. Pórvaldr is Jonatans dj-alias where he's carving out techy and groovy vibes from the slippery psychedelic buttercave. His dj-sets always comes with a groovy flavour and a progressive, deep and playfull smell; spiced up with intros remixed and/or produced by himself; while floating within genres like psychedelic techno, deep progressive trance, zenonesque, bushprog and ambient. All shapes and forms that comes from Pórvaldr is inspired by the dark northern forests and it’s folklore, a fascination by body-mind consciusness and the effects musical experiences have on the human energysystem. Jonatan consider himself to be a lucky bastard, and is honoured to be able to invite everyone on a dancing journey in the forests of his childhood home turf.