reids hall


algiz glänta



This is the place for us to get in touch with your highest self. Through the dance and the rhythms of music we are flying up to cosmos, floating in to the earth and making peace in ourselves. The rune Reid stands for protection in journeys, contacts and movements. Through Reid's forward power we find the way to our true self.
This sacred place will give us the chance to dance to psychedelic & tribalistic trance techno progressive music.




The rune Algiz spreads the message to communicate and be in contact with the nature, earth and animals. In this, we care for our inner force and create mental strength. We are conscious and responsible, and while building our inner strength, Algiz gives us a strong protection.
The music that will be played here is meditative, calm and harmonic tones. Some bands are invited to share acoustic instruments and texts with reinforcing messages. Here we find peace and joy to unite with Algiz.

Forest Star Festival

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