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witch princess

Witch Princess is the musical expression of Mallika J Y Herland, a passionate explorer of the wonders of sound and rhythm, residing in the misty mountains of Western Norway. Deeply inspired by trance inducing music, folklore, storytelling, nature, plant medicine, spirituality and the psychedelic community, she creates musical journeys intended to send the listener on a magical ride from the outer world, through our inner world, to connect with the mystical spirit world. After over 15 years of sharing her sound-magic, Witch Princess has gathered around her a dedicated tribe of world & electronic music-lovers, and is well
known to create wild and ecstatic energies on the dancefloor.
Being a lover of all kinds of music, Witch Princess loves to mix and  morph different genres to take the listeners with her on truly unique, magical and psychedelic sound adventures. From the beautiful lush soundscapes and deep rhythms of psychedelic chillout and mid-tempo genres, to the trippy and hypnotic depths of dark prog, minimal psy and forest, to the uplifting and driving force of progressive and full on psy, Witch Princess explores it all, and often in the same set.

«I early discovered that music can take you to a
space where the mind gets quiet and the body turns
kind of liquid, where the preceived «you» totally
disappear, and where there is freedom. In this
natural ecstatic trance, the portal has opened and
you can just melt into a meditative state. And I just
love to share this wonder with others on the dance

Witch Princess invites you to a deep dive into the vast and magical realm of psychedelic music. Together we will step away from the known path and explore the hidden parts of the enchanted forest,
dance with its wild inhabitants, get lost in dark and wonderful places, and emerge into the light... hopefully... for as always when you go on
adventures with witches... you never really know how you will end up...

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